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Construction of putty common problems
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1, Q: putty layer of foam, how the hollow is caused, how should deal with?
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A: putty layer empty drums, blistering, the main reason is the grass-roots and putty layer between the existence of gas, and why the air is not the normal spread to the surface layer and spread to the grassroots, and in the middle, the main reason for the following Several aspects: the grass-roots treatment properly, so that putty layer and the grass-roots contact is not close enough to form a mezzanine; base layer and putty layer between the dense layer, such as glue, wall or concrete interface agent without water interface treatment, the air can not be normal Grassroots spread.

Solution: If the wall bubble or hollow smaller, you can handle by grinding and then interface with concrete interface agent, and then scraping; if the wall hollowed out, has caused a large area off, it is recommended that all After the removal of concrete interface agent for treatment, and then scraping.

2, Q: putty layer is how to crack, how should deal with?

A: putty cracking reasons are many, there are external reasons, there are internal reasons. From the outside, the wet and dry changes in the formation of dry shrinkage cracks; temperature changes and thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature cracks; wall structure deformation caused by static cracks and other structural cracks. And from the inside, the product quality, construction technology (batch scratch thickness, interface treatment), conservation methods and many other factors may lead to putty cracking.


A, dry and wet, temperature changes or scraping too thick caused by the small cracks: can be polished, coated with concrete interface agent after the scratch, pay attention to control the thickness;

B, scraping too thick caused by such a large crack, after the eradication of concrete interface agent, and then putty;

C, the cracks caused by the cracks in the wall, after the eradication of concrete interface coated with paint, paste the grid cloth, and then putty scraping, if the wall cracks, it is necessary to deal with the wall;

3, Q: putty layer of powder is how serious causes, how should deal with?

A: putty dry powder, its roots, can eventually be attributed to the bonding system did not play its role, and why the bonding system, whether it is inorganic binder or organic binder loss of function, you can consider from the following aspects :

1) putty itself has a problem in the quality of the binder;

2) Adhesive does not play a role, the adhesive mechanism of the adhesive is a wet mortar containing the powder, with the water absorption at the grassroots level, the consumption of hydraulic materials, the surface layer to the air evaporation three areas, resin particles gradually close, Gradually blurred, the resin gradually merging each other, and ultimately become a continuous polymer link body, the process mainly occurs in the mortar of the pores and solid surface, so the formation of a bonding effect. And if we are due to scratch the putty layer is too thin or scratch after the forced ventilation or heating and drying, will cause water dispersion lost too fast, the binder resin particles can not form a good connector, thus losing the bonding effect.

Solution: Mild powder can be treated with a wet towel will be floating ash, and then use the concrete interface agent for interface treatment, and then scraping on the scratch can pay attention to scratch thickness; putty layer if the powder is serious, it is recommended after the eradication of concrete Interface agent to do the interface and then scraping scraping.
4, Q: dry powder putty consumption, how to calculate the amount of decoration?

A: The theoretical consumption: 1 kg / square meter (batch scratch thickness 0.5mm ~ 1mm, twice)

Dry powder putty consumption = theoretical consumption × batch of putty area

Batch of putty area = room building area × (3.5 ~ 4)

5, Q: putty scraping, why the construction temperature to 5 ℃ above?

A: putty in the organic additives need to dissolve at a certain temperature, the construction of the ambient temperature is low, putty additives dissolve very slowly, the additive can not be fully dissolved, will affect the construction performance and late film quality, resulting in additive waste.

6, ask: Why do you want to deal with clean the front wall Why do not float gray?

A: The batch of putty is actually putty and the wall of the bonding process. Adhesive firm, firm, putty in the curing process will not crack. If there are floating or loose walls, putty layer and the wall can not be firmly bonded, strong, in the putty curing process or four seasons temperature, humidity changes in the environment, putty infinite repeated contraction and expansion, displacement, Slip, causing putty to crack.

7, Q: Why putty put it after mixing for several minutes and then use the mix?

A: putty in a variety of organic additives in the water to dissolve takes some time, if not fully dissolved will affect the construction performance and late film quality, resulting in waste of additives.

8, Q: Why put the thickness of the putty to control in the 0.5mm ~ 1mm between?

A: putty of the one-time batch scraping thickness and curing shrinkage strength is proportional to the increase in shrinkage strength and putty is proportional to the trend of cracking. Putty thickness increases, curing shrinkage strength increases, the trend of cracking increases. Therefore, the scratch thickness is less than 1mm, can effectively reduce the curing shrinkage strength, to avoid putty cracking; However, if the scraping thickness is too thin, it will cause the putty layer too fast lead to powder, so the thickness of the scratch Greater than 0.5mm

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