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Chemical production precautions
812   ʱ䣺1-22

Fire protection explosion ten ban

1, is strictly prohibited in the factory to bring matches, lighters, flammable and explosive materials.
2, is strictly prohibited do not apply for fire procedures, construction in the factory with fire or life with fire.
3, is strictly prohibited to wear static clothing into the flammable and explosive area work.
4, is strictly prohibited to wear nails into the flammable explosive device area.
5, is strictly prohibited with gasoline, solvent oil scrub a variety of equipment, clothing, tools and the ground.
6, is strictly prohibited not approved a variety of locomotives into the production device, tank and flammable and explosive area.
7, is strictly prohibited in situ emissions of flammable and explosive, toxic, corrosive chemicals.
8, is strictly prohibited in all types of flammable and explosive areas with black metal tools beating.
9, is strictly prohibited to plug the fire channel and random misappropriation or damage to fire tools and equipment.
10, is strictly prohibited to destroy the production area of explosion-proof facilities and equipment, and regular inspection.
Production plant 14 are not allowed
1, to strengthen the fire management, the factory are not allowed to smoke.
2, the production area, are not allowed to enter the minors.
3, working hours, are not allowed to sleep, dry living, leaving and dry and production has nothing to do.
4, before the class, the class is not allowed to drink.
5, are not allowed to use gasoline and other flammable liquid scrubbing equipment, appliances and clothing.
6, do not wear the provisions of labor protection supplies, are not allowed to enter the production positions.
7, the safety device is not complete equipment are not allowed to use.
8, not in charge of their own equipment, tools are not allowed to use.
9, maintenance equipment, safety measures are not implemented, are not allowed to start maintenance.
10, after the shutdown of the equipment, without a thorough inspection, are not allowed to open.
11, do not do high operating permits, not wearing seat belts, scaffolding, springboard is not strong, are not allowed to climb operations.
12, asbestos is not fixed on a good springboard, not allowed to operate.
13, do not install the electric shock absorber mobile power tools, are not allowed to use.
14, did not obtain security work permits workers, are not allowed to operate independently; special types of workers, without evidence, not allowed to operate.
Six major ban on fire operations
1, the fire card without approval, prohibition of fire.
2, not with the production system reliable isolation, prohibit the fire.
3, do not clean, replace the unqualified, prohibited hot.
4, do not eliminate the surrounding flammable materials, prohibit the use of fire.
5, not on time for fire analysis, prohibit the use of fire.
6, no fire measures, prohibited from fire.
Motor vehicle seven ban
1, is strictly prohibited without a license, no way to drive.
2, is strictly prohibited drunk driving.
3, is strictly prohibited speeding and neutral slip car.
4, is strictly prohibited sick driving.
5, is strictly prohibited mixed cargo traffic.
6, is strictly prohibited excessive loading traffic.
7, is strictly prohibited non-flame-resistant vehicles into the fire zone.
Safe use of electricity is strictly prohibited
1, is strictly prohibited pull pull power. Electricity must apply for newspaper equipment, the establishment of the line and the installation of equipment must meet the power supply department electrical equipment installation, operation procedures requirements.
2, is not allowed to assign undocumented electrical power. If the breach of this provision occurs due to equipment damage and personal shock death, to be held accountable legal responsibility.
3, is strictly prohibited metal shell without grounding device power equipment put into operation. Low-voltage electrical equipment (including residential use of electricity) should be installed leakage protection switch.
4, is strictly prohibited in the high-voltage power lines to build houses and stacking flammable, explosive materials; radio lines, telephone lines should be erected with the power line.
5, is strictly prohibited set up a grid and a line of electricity. All temporary electricity lines must meet safety requirements. Have security measures and have a personal responsibility. Power must be completed after the demolition of power.
6, is strictly prohibited live mobile electrical equipment and repair electrical equipment. Flammable, explosive materials production workshop, warehouse electricity should meet the safety requirements.
7, is strictly prohibited when the stop, power transmission. The system must be strictly enforced.
8, is strictly prohibited with aluminum, wire instead of the fuse. When installing the fuse, meet the electrical installation instructions.
9, is strictly prohibited TV line frame near the high voltage line, and should consider the collapse of the antenna frame should be more than 2 meters away from the high voltage line.
10, is strictly prohibited on-site rescue electric shock to play strong heart. Rescue electric shockers should be on the ground to carry out the correct artificial respiration rescue.
Into the container, the equipment must be eight
1, must apply, apply for, and be approved.
2, must be safe isolation.
3, must cut off the power, and the use of safety lamps.
4, must be replaced, ventilation.
5, must be required by the time required for security analysis.
6, must wear the required protective equipment.
7, must be someone outside the custody, and stick to the post.
8, there must be rescue measures.
The operator's six strict
1, strict implementation of the transfer shift system.
2, strict inspection tour.
3, strict control of process indicators.
4, strict implementation of the law (votes).
5, strictly abide by labor discipline.
6, strict implementation of safety regulations.

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