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Our company has learned the knowledge of fire fighting
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To strengthen the fire management and popularization of fire knowledge, improve safety awareness, dry dragon company in the morning of February 5 held 2016 fire safety knowledge training. The company departments and workshop safety responsible person, security officer, related positions, such as more than 30 people participated in the training.
The training involves "daily fire management, fire case analysis, the use of fire equipment, fire self-help and methods, residential fire knowledge" and other aspects, through full-time instructors explain the profound things in a simple way, combined with PPT courseware in the real tragic case of fire, let We are reminiscent of the importance of the catastrophic and safety precautions that sparked the fire. Period, the staff with their own work and life in contact with the fire safety problems, conducted an interactive and communication.
After this training, once again enhanced the staff of the fire safety awareness, fire self-protection and escape self-help ability for the company production and operation of street lighting monitoring, street lighting and street dimming and other products to create a safe environment.

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