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Putty powder causes the problem
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In fact, inside and outside the wall putty powder powder is a lot of reasons, there are raw materials reasons, there are reasons for the construction, there are unreasonable formula design and other reasons. According to our many years of research and production practice there are long-term construction practice, do a detailed analysis, combined with our practical solutions and preventive measures.
1. Putty bonding strength is not enough: manufacturers blindly reduce the cost of rubber powder bond strength is poor, add a small amount, especially the interior wall putty, the strength of the bond strength, powder off powder and powder and Glue the quality and the amount of added a great relationship.
2. Design formula unreasonable: the selection of the problem and structure of the problem, in the putty formula is very important. Such as hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) do not waterproof waterproof putty, HPMC although expensive, but the Flying fly powder, talc, wollastonite powder filler does not work, if only use HPMC will cause off Powder, and low prices of CMC, CMS anti-no powder, but CMC, CMS can not do waterproof putty, can not do external wall putty, because CMC and CMS encounter gray calcium powder, white cement reaction, which will cause off Powder, but also to polyacrylamide by adding gray calcium powder, white cement as a waterproof coating, but also from the chemical reaction.
3. Mixing mixing uneven is caused by the inside and outside the wall putty powder the main reason, the country some manufacturers putty powder equipment is simple, varied, not a special mixing equipment, mixing uneven, causing putty off powder.
4. Production process error: If the mixing mixer does not sweep the function, more residue, the ordinary putty CMC and waterproof putty in the reaction of gray calcium powder, wall putty in the CMC, CMS and the external walls of the putty White cement reacts and causes off powder. Some companies special equipment to set the cleaning port, you can clean the residue in the machine, not only to ensure the quality of putty, but also a machine, buy a device to produce a variety of putty.
5. The quality of the filler: the inside and outside the wall putty a lot of the use of filler, but around the heavy calcium powder, talc powder inside the different content of Ca2CO3, different pH can cause putty powder, such as Chongqing and Chengdu, Powder with the same powder, but talcum powder, heavy calcium powder in Chongqing, not powder, powder off in Chengdu, in Henan, northeast does not take off, and in some areas on the off powder.
6. Weather reasons: the reasons for the weather is also a reason for the inside and outside the wall putty powder, such as inside and outside the wall putty, dry in some dry areas in the north dry climate, good ventilation, putty surface film fast, not powder, No, especially in some areas of the South there are rainy season, long-term wet, putty film is not good, will be off powder, so some areas to adapt to the ash and calcium powder putty.
7. Gray calcium powder, white cement and other inorganic binder impure, mixed with a large number of Shuangfei powder, the so-called multi-functional gray calcium powder, multi-functional white cement are not pure, because the extensive use of these impure inorganic stick Knot agent, inside and outside the wall waterproof putty certainly off powder is not waterproof.
8. Summer wall putty water is not enough, especially in the building high-level entrance, windows and other places where high temperature ventilation, gray calcium powder and cement of the initial setting time is not enough to have lost water, and no conservation is good.

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