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Cellulose ether series
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1- Chemical Name and Structure: Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC)

2- Technical specifications:

3-Physico-chemical Property:

1) Appearance: HEMC is white or off-white powder, odorless and tasteless.

2) Dissolubility: The type-H of HEMC can dissolve in the water under 60 ℃, type-L can only dissolve in the cold water, HEMC is same as HPMC, both can not dissolve in part of organic solvent. HEMC with surface treatment is dispersing not agglomerate in the cold water, dissolving slowly,but it is dissolving fast in the PH 8-10.

3) PH stability: Viscosity changes less in the PH 2-12, viscosity will be degraded if over this range of PH.

4) Fineness: throughput rate of 80 mesh is 100%;  throughput rate of 100 mesh is more than 99.5%.

5) Gravimetic density: 0.27-0.60g/cm3.

6) Decomposition temperature is above 200℃, burning in the temperature 360℃.

7) HEMC has properties of thickening, suspension stability, dispersing, adhesive, film-forming, water-retention, ect...

8) The gel temperature can be 60-90℃ because it contains ethoxy, and the hydrophily of ethoxy is high, so the water-retention is good. Especially when it is under high temperature construction in hot summer, the water-retention of HEMC is higher than methyl cellulose, the water-retention rate is not less than 85%.

9) Viscosity stability, mold resistance, dispersing are better than HEC. It can be used in high-quality latex paint,make paint no flocculation, no agglomeration, the construction no connective trace, with high covering power.

10) It can be used in dry powder mortar of construction, rupture strength more than 3.0Mpa; compression strength is more than 8.0Mpa.

4-Applications :

1) HEMC is used in pharmaceuticals as hydrophilic gel framework material, porositymaking, coating.It can also be used as the thickening ,suspending ,dispersing , adhesive, emulsifying  film-forming,water-retention agent of preparation.

2) HEMC is used in food as adhesive, emulsifying, film-forming, thickening, dispersing, water-retention agent,ect.

3) Good additive for powder materials.Used as gelling agent,water retaining agent of  cement,gypsum.

4) HEMC Used as additive for tooth paste,cosmetics and detergent.

5) HEMC plays a role of thickening,water retaining,and improving the workability, which is very suitable for water based painting, construction materials,ink and oil drilling.

5- Solution methods: Put specified quantity clean water in the containers; Put HEMC under slow stir, till all materials are wet through; Put the other components of formulas and stir them evenly.

6- Packing : 25kg net in new PP bag with PE bag inner or 25kg per drum. It need to be sealed and moistureproof when storage. Strictly forbidden to get in touch with acid-base and antioxidant.

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