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Cellulose ether series
Hydroxyethyl Cellulose - HEC
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1- Chemical Name and Structure: Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

2- Technical specifications:

3-Physico-chemical Property:

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose is a white or slightly yellow, odorless and tasteless easy flowing powder. The sieving rate of 40 mesh is more than 99%;the softening temperature is 135-140℃; the performance density is 0.35-0 .61g/ml; the decomposition temperature is 205-210 °C; Being soluble both in cold water and in hot water.Generally, it’s insoluble in most organic solvents;When the PH value in the 2-12 range, the viscosity change is small, but more than this range, the viscosity decreased.

4- Important characters:

1) HEC as a non-ionic surface active agent, has properties of thickening, suspension, adhesive, emulsifying, film-forming, dispersing, water-retention,and provide protection;

2) HEC is dissolving in hot or cold water, and not precipitated under high temperature or boiling,which make it    has a large-scale solubility and viscosity.

3) The ability of water-retention of HEC is twice higher than Methyl cellulose, it has good flow regulatory.

4) HEC with stable viscosity and anti-mildew.

5) Its opening time is longer, coating has better opening effect.

6) It has good leveling property, lower splash, high sheer leads to good covering power.

5- Main applications:

1) Water emulsion paints: As protective colloid, HEC can be used in vinyl acetate ethylene emulsion polymerization, increasing the stability of polymerization in the range of PH; In the product manufacturing, HEC plays a role of stability and providing thickening; HEC can also be used as dispersing agent in styrene, acrylate, propylene and the other suspension polymer; HEC used in latex paint can improve the thickening and leveling property observably.

2) Oil drilling: HEC as thickening agent in all kinds of slurry needed in well drilling, fixing well, well cementation and fracturing operation, make slurry has good fluxility and stability; In the well drilling, it can improve the carryng capacity of slurry, stop plenty of water to enter oil layer from slurry, and stablize the production capacity of oil layer.

3) Construction operation and materials: Because HEC with strong ability of water-retention, it is the effective thickening agent and adhesive of grout and mortar.If mixing HEC in the mortar, it can improve the fluxility and workability, extend the evaporation time of water, increase the early strength of concrete and avoid to flaw.HEC is also used in plaster gypsum, bonded plaster, gypsum putty, it can increase the water-retention and cohesional strength .

4) Tooth paste: Because of better saltresistance and acidoresistance, HEC can protect the stability of tooth paste. And it can make tooth paste not so easy to dry because of the good water-retention and emulsifying ability.

5) In addition, HEC can also be used in textile, paper, war industry, daily chemical,medicine textile and other industries, etc.

6- Solution and prepared methods: Put specified quantity clean water in the containers; Put HEC under slow stir, till all materials are wet through;Put the other components of formulas and stir them evenly ; It will be formed viscosity 30minutes after dispersing the surface treatment HEC in the water.

7-Packing: 25kg net in new PP bag with PE bag inner. It need to be moistureproof when storage.

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