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Redispersible latex powder
Redispersible polymer powder
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1- The characteristics of the product:Redispersible polymer powder  is a copolymer powder of vinyl acetate and ethylene.

It is dispersible in water and has good saponfication resistance, not only for blending with inorganic binders, such as cement ,

anhydrite, gypsum plaster and hydrated lime for the manufacture of structural adhesives, flooring compounds, wall  troweling

compounds, joint mortars, plasters and repair mortars, but also as  the exclusive binder for synthetic-resin-bound systems. RDP

is exhibit improved adhesion, flexural strength in bending, deformability, abrasion resistance and are easier to process. Leveling,

thixotropy and water retention are essentially unaffected. The product is ideal for use in combination with other mortar additives

intended to enhance specific properties containing a ine mineral filler as an antiblocking agent. It is free of solvents, plasticizers and

film-forming agent.

2- Technical Specification:

3- Functions and applications:

1) HL-4050:

※ Given good flowability and application property, improve the cohesion, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and weatherability of mortar;

※ Improve sealability, anti-permeability and bonding strength of mortar obviously;

※ This products is used in exterior insulation series mortar, gypsum based products, and wall putty.

2) HL-5011:

※ Obviously increase the adhesion between mortar and base materials and decorative materials, improve the construction property of mortar;

※ Improve the flexibility and anti-deformability of mortar, reduce the occurrence of tile and hollowing caused by cement contraction;

※ Improve tile adhesion property after water resistant;

※ This product is used in tile adhesive.

3) HL-5040:

※ Increase the water-retention property, extend the bending and compression strength of mortar, increase the adhesion between mortar and various base material;

※ Reduce the rigid shrinkage of cement and enhance the crack resistance and flexibility of mortar;

※ Increase the flexibility and waterproofness of exterior wall putty;

※ This product is used in exterior insulation series mortar, wall putty, gypsum based products, interface agent and joint mixture.

4) HL-5047:

※ With good water dispersibility, the film have better flexibility,it can improve the shrinkage, anti-cracking resistance and the flexibility of mortar effectively;

※ Improve the sealing, anti permeability and waterproofness of mortar and wall putty;

※ Improve the weatherability and freeze-thaw resistance of mortar;

※ This products can be used in exterior insulation mortar, interior and exterior wall putty, interface agent,sealant, gypsum based products, tile adhesive and diatom mud.

4- Packing:Paper plastic composite bag, net weight is 25±0.5kg/bag. Keep it in dry place in below 40℃.

5- Safety attention:The powder is non-pollution products, inedible. Be prohibited to get in touch with eyes, otherwise wash the eyes with plenty of water immediately.

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