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Cellulose ether series
Methyl Cellulose - MC
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1- Chemical Name and Structure:Methyl Cellulose (MC)

2- Technical specifications:

3- Properties:

1) Apparent: White or off-white powder or granule,odorless and tasteless, non-toxic, with a little hygroscopicity, almost insoluble in alcohol, ethyl,Chloroform.

2) It can be formed clear or suspended viscosity solution. In the water, glacial acetic acid or miscible liquids of alcohol and chloroform (1:1).

3) It can be tumefied fast in the hot water of 80-90℃,and dissolved after cooling, water solution is rather stable under normal temperature, gelling in the high temperature,and the gelling can be interactional with solution with the high or low of temperature.

4) It has good wettablity, dispersing,binding,thickening, emulsifying,water retention and film-forming, and the impermeability

to the lipa; Formed film has good tenacity, flexibility, and transparency, it is non-ionic, it can be compatible with the other emulsifier, but easy to salt-out, solution is stable in the range of PH2-12.

5) Density: 1.3g/cm3; Apparent density: 0.25-0.7g/cm3; allochroic temperature: 190-200℃.

6) Carbonized temperature: 225-230℃; Surface tension: 47-53dyn/cm in 25℃.

4- Applications: MC is mainly used in construction operation and materials, dispersing coating, wallpaper paste,reagent and additive in polymerization, cosmetic, medicine, varnish remover, food, leather,ink, and paper making as thickening agent, binding agent, water retention agent, film-forming agent, excipient, emulsifier. Like as adhesive , thickening agent and water retention agent in construction materials, as film-forming agent and thickening agent in the coating industry, and it is also widely used in oil drilling and cosmetic industry,ect...

5- Dissolving methods:

1) Heating the required water till 80-90℃, adding MC slowly under constant stirring, the formed slurry get the even water solution. or heating 1/3 to 2/3 of required water till 80-90℃, adding MC slowly under constant stirring, after swelling, adding the rest cold water, formed by stirring and cooling.

2) Cellulose mesh is a little fine, small granules exist in the stirring even powder, dissolving immediately after mixing with the water, forming the needed viscosity.

3) Or adding the cellulose slowly and evenly under the normal temperature, stirring continuously in the process of adding process, till forming the transparent solution.

6. Packing: 25KG or 15KG per PP bag, or as per customer’s request. It need to be moisture proof when storage.

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