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Cellulose ether series
Hydroxypropyl cellulose - HPC
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1- Chemical Name and Structure: Hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC)

2- Technical specifications:

3-Physico-chemical Property:

1)  Appearance: White or off-white powder, odorless and tasteless

2)  Size: 20mesh, 30mesh

3)  Apparent density: 0.5-0.6g/ml, specific gravity:1.2224

4)  Thermal stability:

* Allochroic temperature: 195-210℃

* Carbonized temperature: 260-275℃

* Softening temperature: 130℃

* It is clear and transparent solution under temperature 38℃

* Gel temperature: Above 40℃

4- Important characters :

1) It can be soluble in water and organic solvent in the normal temperature.Such as absolute methanol,alcohol, isopropanol, dichloromethane, sure it can also be soluble in acetone, chloroform,and Alkali soluble, solution should be transparent.

2)  HPC is a good thermoplasticity material, with good film-forming, the formed film is rather firm, with good gloss and full flexible.

3)  The content of ash is rather low, which make this product has good adhesive, HPC is used tackify as latex, very stable and good dispersity.

4)  HPC has no pharmacological action itself,non-toxic,harmless to physiology.

5)  HPC has chemical inertness, it is difficult to react with other materials.

6)  Substituent group distribution is even and full,HPC with strong antibacterial.

7)  Equilibrium moisture content is a little lower.

8)  Because it is non-ionic material, HPC can not gel in the acid solution, and can not show good stability in the wide PH.

9)  The concentrated solution of HPC can form normal orientation liquid crystals.

10)  HPC water solution has surface active effect.

11) The water solution past quasistatic change of gelling and dissolving according to the increasing and decreasing of the temperature.

5-Dissolving methods:

1) Dissolving in the water:

A. Put HPC into strongly stirred water gradually, till it is dissolved completely, if put all materials into the water, it will be difficult to dissolve.

B. Heat 20-30% of reserve water to above 60℃, put HPC gradually when the water is stirred fully, after all HPC accession, put the rest 70-80% water, it will be dissolved completely.

2) Dissolving in the organic solvent: Put HPC gradually into the organic solvent under full agitation, it will be much difficult to dissolve if put HPC one time completely.

6- Main applications:

1) Used into polyvinyl chloride as dispersing agent, improving the receptivity of plasticizer, making the particle size even,improving the compatibility with the plasticizer; improving the Extrusion performance.

2) Used into oil soluble coatings, printing link, cosmetic, paint remover, dry battery as thickener;used into ceramic as adhesive; used into water and alcohol as coagulator; it can also be used into alcohol perfume as coagulant,with delayed action to the aroma.

3) Used as finishing agent of cellulose, as extender of mortar and cement and the coating agent of papers.

7- Packing, storage and attention matters: 25KG per drum;stored in sealed, moisture proof place; It is strictly forbidden to get in touch with acid-base.

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